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"I cannot recommend Rena more highly. It is immediately clear that Rena is very passionate and enthusiastic about her job, and that your birthing experience is a priority to her. She was kind and patient from the moment that we started working together, and this followed through to my delivery experience.  She was an advocate for me in the hospital and she was a positive and calming force for me during the entire process, beginning at my house when I was first in labor. Rena is knowledgeable, competent, and caring, and knows how to get your point across to hospital staff.  Basically, she is everything you would want in a doula!"

                     - Shari 

                      West Orange, NJ


"Rena is extremely calm during stressful situations. She remains optimistic and knows how to work with individuals to reduce tension. Rena worked alongside the midwife, nurse and my husband.  She provided emotional support the entire time, to not only me but also my husband.  Rena continued to give me strength to get through the birth.  She made the experience of my third birth one that I will always be grateful for.  I never could have gotten through it without the guidance and care that Rena provided.  Her confidence, patience and sensitivity are essential to putting a birthing mother at ease."


                 Livingston, NJ

"Hiring a doula is an empowering decision.  Hiring Rena as a doula embodies the meaning of modern empowerment.  Rena was my doula for 2 very different births and through her guidance I felt in control and calm.  One thing that makes Rena unique is that her main goal is to educate without judgement.  She will talk to you about what kind of birth you want, teach you about it, and support you though it.  She does not believe there is one right way, but that you should be able to make informed choices and follow through with them.

My first birth was in an environment with doctors that were very unsupportive of my birth choices, and Rena talked me through it, and with the nurses guidance assured me and my baby were safe.  Because of her I was able to have an experience that I chose.  My second birth Rena recommended a women's group, and a hospital, and I had a wonderful birth experience.  She helped to make a good experience truly memorable, calm, and peaceful.  Most importantly, I never felt fear during the emotional experience of giving birth because I was well prepared and well cared for.  I cannot recommend Rena highly enough."


           Short Hills, NJ 

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